30 Minutes in the Life | September 2021


How beautifully

leaves grow old.

How full of light and color

are their last days.

~John Burrows~

I do love this season of transition, from summer into autumn. And here we are. It is officially fall.

The weather is changing and I welcome the cool, crisp mornings and evenings after the heat and drought of summer. It’s like a deep calming breath, a calming reprive.

As I walk the paths in my woods, the changes are becoming more evident each day. Although the majority of flora surrounding me still hangs on to the green tones of summer, I delight in finding the pockets of extraordinary color and light as this season of transition starts to emerge more each day.

Thank you for dropping in for this month’s 30 Minutes in the Life. Please follow the link to continue the blog circle and see what my incredibly talented friend Ceri has to share this month.


3 Replies to “30 Minutes in the Life | September 2021”

  1. Kim these are all gorgeous. I love the colors. The bokeh is divine. Just looking at them makes me feel like the crisp morning of winter is on it’s way. Thank you for you beautiful blog.


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