Spring Blossoms

We are living in a “new normal” since a global pandemic has crept across the earth and our lives are not as they once were.

We grieve what was…family and friends with gatherings and celebrations,  social connectiveness through hugs and physical closeness.   Routines and traditions have had to change, if not entirely disappear for this time.

And so we grieve during this time of social isolation as we shelter at home, social distance and self-isolate.

We are being held close to home at this time, BUT we can begin to see the Grace and beauty in our small worlds…the return of  summer birds to our backyards and the beauty of their songs, the first emerging buds on the once dormant trees, with the promise of new life, and more importantly, HOPE.

The simplicity found in nature can be so healing…for mind, body, and soul.



Texture Tuesday 2.0

Kim Klassen texture paperandgrit3 at 100% and blurred.

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